Data+ Data Management Software

Data Traceability

Eliminate the need to enter data manually on a terminal, and skip directly to entering data on a PC. By streamlining this process, you save effort and increase processing speed up-to 20X’s.

Data+ Software

Data Management

Do not let your software limit your capabilities – Streamline your data management with a single software, which can store, control and amend up to 30,000 records from your desk. Data+ allows you to spend your time on more valuable workflows instead of wasting time on manual tasks.

Article Database Support

Use Data+ across multiple machines to improve consistency in processing and reporting. Achieve consistent quality that is reliable and easily traceable especially during an audit.

Achieve Consistent Product Quality

Centrally maintain your Pick&Pack kit bill of materials and formulation recipes to guide operators. Be confident there are zero errors when packaging kits and each recipe ingredient is on target for repeatable flavor or performance. This reduces your cost while improving your customer relationship.

Data+ Software

User Friendly Interface for the Customer

User-friendly reporting functionality gets your reports completed faster, especially when compared regular manual programs. This reduces your time spent generating reports and allows for faster reaction time.