Bench Scales

PBA429 Weighing Platform


For Demanding Applications

The PBA429/PBA429x fully stainless steel platform is a robust, durable and economical solution for a wide range of weighing tasks with heavy wash down requirements. This platform series is a perfect fit in any food or chemical/pharmaceutical processing application with a need for durability, uncompromising cleanliness and with protection at the highest level against water, humidity and condensation.

High Durability

The rugged, full stainless steel frame & the hermetically sealed load cell ensures a long life time also when used in harsh, wet & humid environments (IP68/IP69k).

Easy To Clean

The open and sturdy platform design is built according to hygienic standards and allows fast, thorough and easy cleaning.

Damage Protected

Optimally placed and specific adjusted overload stops grant the best possible protection against load cell damaging.