Laboratory Balances

XPE Balances


Durable and easy to clean, XPE precision balances offer high readability and repeatability for milligram to kilogram samples. The SmartPan™ halves stabilization times in drafty conditions while quality management features like the new StatusLight™ give you fast, confident weighing in any laboratory.Operated in this challenging environment without a draft-shield, the innovative SmartPan™ delivers results in as little as half the accustomed time and improves repeatability by up to 50%. There is an integrated drip tray and the balance is fully cleanable in just seconds.

XPE-L large platform precision balances deliver the best weighing performance for high capacity loads and provide a level of safety suitable for highly regulated environments. Thanks to the built-in overload protection, which ensures the weighing cell is fully safeguarded against excessive loads, these robust balances can withstand even the toughest of working environments.