Weight Calibration Certificates


Weight Calibration Certifications are issued with each weight calibration and purchase of new calibration weights.


Calibration Certificate

The Calibration Certificate is recommended for cGMP, ISO/IEC 17025, and critical documentation requirements and metrological applications. Extensive background and traceability info of the calibration are provided in the report with each calibration or new calibration weights. In addition, the measurement process is more extensive with repetitive measurements along with being subject to statistical quality assurance checks.

The Calibration Certificate documents the following:

  • As found & as left conventional mass values
  • Respective uncertainties of measurements
  • Environment & air density at the time of the calibration
  • Assumed density of steel
  • The standards used in the calibration
  • The respective calibration status of the standards
  • Who performed the calibration
  • What comparators were used in the weight calibration

The procedure and revision status of the weighing design definitions and policies

Traceable Certificate

The Traceable Certificate is a much more condensed one-page document. This Certificate is the reflection of one series of measurements and documents the following:

  • As Found & As Left Conventional Mass Values
  • Uncertainties of Measurement
  • Environment & Air Density at the time of the Calibration

Now you can access your Weight Calibration Certifications on-line via our web site. Atlantic Scale will provide you with a User ID and a Password to view and download your Certificates electronically. This is a quick and easy way to monitor, review, and retrieve all your historical data and current precision weight data.