The Mass Metrology Lab


Providing Stable Conditions Required For Accurate Weight Calibrations and Mass Measurements.

Mass metrology weight calibration lab

Our NIST Certified Weight Calibration Lab is always under tight environmental control. The lab was designed and constructed to eliminate any impacts from vibration and static. State-of-the-art mass comparators give the utmost in accurate and precise weight calibration measurements that your calibration weights need.

In our pursuit of uncompromising accuracy, our NIST Certified Weight Calibration Lab relies on the use of certified weights at every step of the calibration process. These certified weights serve as the benchmark for precision, ensuring that each calibration measurement meets the highest standards of accuracy.. This attention to detail and adherence to certified weights guarantee reliable and traceable calibration results.

Our personnel are trained and certified by NIST and have extensive experience in meeting the industry’s rigorous technical requirements. Weighing designs used for mass calibrations come right from NIST.  Atlantic Scale’s Mass Metrology Lab has the following credentials:

  • Direct NIST Traceability on Standards
  • Technical Personnel Trained and Certified at NIST
  • Active participant in a recognized Measurement Assurance Program
  • Proficiency Testing Program for measurement evaluations
  • ISO/IEC 17025 Laboratory Accredited for Mass Calibration