Instrumentation Equipment Services

New Precision Instrumentation Equipment Installation

We provide new Instrumentation equipment installations for many types. Do you have a process that you need to control and/or monitor but are unsure how to do it? Let us outline your process, recommend options, quote the required equipment, and give you an estimate to make it happen. We understand that while you may have a clear idea of what goals you want out of a process or application, you may not have the time or resources needed to develop a solution. We will handle ordering the instrumentation equipment, delivering it to your site, setting it up, programming if necessary, installation, and testing / verification / calibration.

Test Equipment Repair

Most equipment models and types supported by our Instrumentation Calibration Laboratory are also repairable at our facility. Many times we can repair your equipment to manufacturer’s specifications. If, however, the unit is only repairable by the manufacturer, we will obtain quotation for you. With your approval we will send it into the manufacturer, follow up when needed, receive the equipment back, re-test and re-calibrate the unit to the required specifications, and return it to you. We take the worry out of your hands. The transaction is seamless. You only deal with one company and one order.

Preventive Maintenance / Refurbishment

Do you have critical instrumentation equipment? Those that requires preventive maintenance on a routine basis? Our preventive maintenance service will test, service, clean, and adjust your equipment back to factory specifications. If your equipment has parts that are worn out or can potentially fail, we will notify you and provide a replacement quotation. Many of our customers run critical processes and can not afford any down time. Let us help extend the service life of your equipment.


Often, we receive equipment that cannot be returned to specifications. In these situations we can offer replacement services, including new equipment. We offer our clients the benefits of receiving a quote for replacement directly from the company that provides the calibration service. You no longer have to order from one place and have it send to a laboratory for calibration. Our clients enjoy the additional benefit of ordering replacement test equipment directly from our laboratory.