Instrument Precision Services

Atlantic Scale Company wants to be your premier calibration service provider, specializing in process instrumentation and calibration standards. With almost 38 years of service history, you can count on us to exceed your calibration and repair program requirements. Our comprehensive instrumentation calibration capabilities were designed to compliment our weighing device calibration programs and to ensure we meet the diverse calibration needs of our customers. We offer you the ability to consolidate calibration vendors while still maintaining the high quality service and responsiveness you have come to expect from Atlantic Scale.

We provide a host of no-cost services that include consulting and a complete preventive maintenance program. These no-cost services are an invaluable tool in helping you maintain regulatory & compliance requirements. Whether you need
on-site process instrument calibrations or standard laboratory calibrations, we can tailor the correct services to meet your needs.

On site Calibrations

Many of our service capabilities are available at your facility. We perform calibrations on a large variety of process instrumentation and laboratory equipment. We have the capabilities to service instrumentation commonly found on packing lines, storage tanks, manufacturing facilities, pilot plants, and R&D facilities.


Our dimensional calibration services include testing on gage blocks, ring gages, pin gages, plug gages, micrometers, calipers, height gages, go-no gages, dial indicators, and rulers. We can also have your optical flats calibrated for you as well.


Our electrical calibration and service covers resistance, capacitance, voltage, and current standards for both AC & DC. We calibrate both field and laboratory meters and standards, such as Decade Boxes, Milliamp / Frequency / Loop Calibrators, Multi-Function / Process Calibrators, Multimeters / Ohmmeters / Clamp Meters, and Oscilloscopes.


Our vacuum and pressure calibration services include pressure and vacuum gages, transducers, and transmitters. We also calibrate manometers, differential pressure gauges, and barometers. Range: 30 in H2O to 10,000 psi.


Our flow calibration services include gas and liquid flow meters, rotameters, and controllers. We can test up to 50 standard liters per minute in gas, and 2500kg per minute of liquid.

Mass – Weights

Our mass calibration services cover all types and styles of weights from all manufacturers. We can calibrate your precision weights to all tolerance specifications. Cleaning and any adjustment required are included. Our mass laboratory is environmentally controlled and monitored, as well as isolated from vibrations. We use state-of-the-art mass comparators, designed for the highest available repeatability. We offer weight calibrations ranging from 0.5mg up to 500kg.

Specialty Items

We can also calibration many types of specialty equipment such as Water Systems, Conductivity / Resistivity Meters, Hardness Testers, Process instrumentation (Industrial & Analytical), Validation Equipment (Kaye iRTDs, Validator), Humidity Generators (Thunder Scientific), Custom Installations & Set-Ups, Maintenance & Service, and On-Site Calibrations.


Our force measurement calibration services cover torque meters, push-pull gages, and spring testers. We can ensure your bottle-cap testers are within calibration and operating correctly.


Our pipette calibration and service can be performed either on-site at your location or off-site at our laboratory for all manual or electronic, single and multi-Channel pipettes. We also calibrate and service repeaters, pipette aids, and bottle-top dispensers.

RPM / Speed

Our rpm and speed calibration capabilities include optical and mechanical (contact) tachometers, as well as stroboscopes. We can test your tachometer standards and well as verify the operation and calibration of your centrifuges, mixers, and packaging line speeds.

Time & Frequency

Our time calibration services can provide you with a time offset for all type of mechanical or digital clocks, timers, and stopwatches. We can calibrate your mixer timers and laboratory single or multi-channel timers.


We offer calibration service on all types of digital temperature systems. Services include Thermocouple/ RTD meters and systems, as well as high accuracy sPRT’s, PRT’s, IRTD’s, and Thermister probes. Our service also includes common analog thermometers such as liquid-in-glass and bi-metal thermometers. If you perform your own temperature calibrations, consider us for calibration on your standard temperature blocks and baths. If you have process temperature meters, we have the capability to calibrate temperature controllers, chart recorders, transmitters, data loggers, stability chambers, refrigerators, autoclaves, and furnaces.
Range: -197 to 1200°C, including all intrinsic temperature points.


Our humidity calibration services include humidity generators, controllers, data loggers, chart recorders, transmitters and field humidity standards. Range: 10-95% relative humidity.