New calibration weights and weight calibration

New calibration weights and weight calibrationOur Technical Personnel are NIST trained and certified in Mass Metrology and have extensive experience in servicing the Pharmaceutical and Metrological Industries, and meeting cGMP and ISO/IEC 17025 requirements.

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Instrument metrology lab and on-site calibrations

Instrument metrology lab and on-site calibrationsWe perform on-site calibrations on a large variety of process instrumentation and laboratory equipment, with capabilities to service instruments commonly found on packing lines, storage tanks, manufacturing facilities, pilot plants, and R&D facilities.

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Quality weighing products and weight calibration services

Atlantic Scale specializes in servicing GMP and GLP facilities since the beginning and our systems have matured within these guidelines. We currently perform calibration and service on scales, balances, calibration weights, pipettes, thermometers, hygrometers, pressure gauges, flow devices, watches, electrical meters, force gauges, and dimensional equipment for over 2000 companies per year.

When it comes to precision measurements, scale calibration weights play a vital role in ensuring accurate results. Whether it’s for calibrating laboratory equipment or industrial scales, using calibrated weights is essential for maintaining measurement integrity. In the realm of laboratory weighing, analytical balances are the go-to instruments for highly precise measurements. These sophisticated balances are designed to handle minute quantities and deliver exceptional accuracy. To uphold the accuracy of analytical balances, regular calibration with certified scale calibration weights is imperative. By employing proper calibration techniques and utilizing accurate weights, the analytical balance can consistently provide reliable measurements, instilling confidence in the scientific process. Whether it’s for scientific research, quality control, or any application that demands precision, the combination of analytical balances and properly calibrated scale calibration weights ensures trustworthy and accurate results.

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