Asset Management System

Atlantic Scale Company understands that the easy accessibility of the right records at the right time can mean the difference between having a successful audit or a poor one. In today’s times, many companies have to deal with frequent audits, both internal and external – possibly regulatory. Record retention and accessibility is a primary concern for all, but unfortunately many companies do not have the time, personnel, or the storage to properly maintain these records. Then there is the concern of administering an equipment and weight calibration program, which can consist of logging, recording, scheduling, notifying, monitoring, and keeping records for possibly hundreds or thousands of instruments.

We have an Asset Management System available for our customers to help aid with these real world issues. Our system is accessible through the internet with a username and password that we provide you. Once you log in, you will be asked reset your password and it will be confidential, even from us.

Our scale and weight calibration system has the following features available:

Search equipment by the following criteria:

  • ID
  • Serial Number
  • Owner
  • Manufacturer
  • Model Number

View equipment event history

Each line item that is returned is a separate event that has occurred in the calibration history of the equipment.