Portable Scales

2888 Deckmate Low Profile Drum Scale


Easy To Move And Easy To Clean

DECKMATE® floor scales provide the ultimate in portable weighing. These versatile units are available as static scales or equipped with wheels for portability. Relocating a portable scale is quick and easy: simply wheel the scale to a new location, lower the ramps, and start weighing. The extremely low profile makes loading drums easy. Constructed of stainless steel with a hygienic design, these scales are perfect for applications where cross-contamination and corrosion must be avoided, including food, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and fine chemical operations.

Easy To Load And Unload

Ultra-low profile allows workers to wheel heavy containers onto and off the scale safely and easily. Ramps are available in several sizes, allowing you to choose the incline that is best for your application.

Accurate And Repeatable Weighing

Self-aligning, rocker-pin suspension is combined with advanced load cells to provide accurate and repeatable weighing. Fixed bumpers and overload protection prevent damage to the load cells, enabling the scale to maintain its accuracy.

Suitable For Washdown

The easy-to-clean design eliminates hard-to-reach corners, gaps, and other areas where contaminants can collect. Choose from 304 or 316 stainless steel to provide the level of corrosion protection needed for your washdown application.