Bench Scales

BC Postal & Shipping Scales


All-in-one scales are the new industry standard for Shipping and Postal applications. Scales are rugged, reliable, and flexible for configuration and communications.

Perfect for Processing letters and parcels. High performance scale that is simple and economical.

Now a single scale can be used for letters, letter packs or parcels. BC Scales offer rugged and reliable operation with excellent flexibility. They are perfect for offices, mailrooms, warehouse packing stations, shipping departments and retail parcel stores. BC scales are simple and intuitive to operate with a new graphical display and easy-to-use menu. They seamlessly connect to PC-based carrier manifesting or shipping software for easy data management.

The Overall Application Value that communicating scales provide to Shipping Carriers and Postal companies is error-free entry of weight data for price determination.

Communicating scale minimizes operator mistakes in typing in the weight to the manifest software for determination of the shipping price. Typos can equate to Millions of Dollars lost or loss of integrity with customer if over charged.

BC Scale Value

Rugged and reliable – Lower cost of ownership. Long life and scale integrity allow carrier programs to reuse scales multiple times, greatly decreasing overall cost and environmental impact

  • Weight Drop test – 100% capacity at 6 inches dropped onto scale, tested multiple times
  • 500% Overload test – has no loss of accuracy or integrity. Scale is tested for accuracy, subjected to 5 times its rated capacity and rechecked for accuracy and structural integrity.
  • Scale Drop test – ISTA test where scale box is dropped 10 times on each side. No loss of accuracy or integrity with shocks.

Ease of Use

  • Prompt for End User settings on first power up.
  • USB communication by HIDPOS is “plug and play” with software that communicates by HIDPOS.
  • Intuitive Operator interface is done through a navigation keypad with soft keys on a graphical display. As simple to use as a TV remote control.