ICS429 & ICS689 Metal Inductive Keypad


The new full stainless-steel terminal front, consisting of one solid stainless steel plate, doesn’t carry any physically accessible buttons. This eliminates the risk of residues or water accumulation on the surface. Furthermore, the metal inductive keypad protects the unit’s keys against mechanical damage and assures failure- free operation in tough environments.

The metal inductive keypad is built for harsh food production environments and is designed to:

  • Withstand mechanical impacts. The full stainless-steel front is immune to mechanical impact and many aggressive substances, and it can be operated by hand or with gloves. This makes it a good choice for harsh or hygienically sensitive production.
  • Optimize cleaning efficiency. The terminal features a low surface roughness including the complete metal front with no distracting raised buttons. This makes it simple and fast to clean.
  • Increase uptime. The metal inductive keypad doesn’t have exposed buttons on the keypad, giving you a smooth stainless steel surface. You gain failure-free operation and prolonged uptime, even in abusive environments.
  • Operate quickly and easily. The inductive button technology is very sensitive and fast in its response. It can be adjusted to individual operator preferences, which increases the ergonomics of the scale and makes it more efficient to operate.