Bench Scales



Cleaning and Compliance Made Easy.

The PBD659 stainless-steel weighing platform strictly adheres to hygienic design guidelines, facilitates quick and easy cleaning and meets higher accuracy standards to optimize processes and reduce costs in regulated hygienic environments.

No Cavities or Crevices

The elimination of open threads, cavities and dead spots helps to prevent contamination by giving bacteria nowhere to hide.

Fully Protected Load Cell

This stainless-steel, hermetically sealed load cell withstands harsh and wet environments with IP68 and IP69k protection.

Open Frame Design

An open stainless-steel design with rounded edges and minimal flat surfaces allows effective cleaning to achieve higher hygienic standards.

Prevent Bad Batches

The smart load cell used within the PBD platforms actively corrects and compensates for measurement errors caused by external and internal factors, which improves accuracy by up to 100% to prevent bad batches and reduce product waste.

Maximize Equipment Uptime

Protect your operation with the scale designed to withstand impacts and ensure peak performance in challenging environments, enabling increased uptime, reduced maintenance and maximized equipment longevity.