Floor Scales



PFA584 Floor Scale Platform

At METTLER TOLEDO, we know the needs of every industry are different, which is why the PFA5 is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We have taken the pain out of the floor scale procurement process by creating an easy-to-order, globally standardized set of components that can easily be mixed-and-matched to formulate your ideal scale.

Premium Components With Global Approvals

In varied industrial environments, there are plenty of reasons equipment needs to be adapted to the application.  By selecting from key component sets, you can order exactly what you need for your application

Mix and Match Scale Configuration

Significantly ease the ordering and scale configuration process with flexible customization and expert METTLER TOLEDO consultancy. This solution is ideal for multinational companies because it eliminates the need to order different configurations country-by-country.

Smart Weighing – Accurate Out-of-the-Box

Our smart digital solutions store factory calibration values within the scale. You get out-of-the-box accuracy and easy setup. Not only does this save you time and money during installation, it also gives you assurance your weighments are METTLER TOLEDO accurate.