Floor Scales

PHD779 Ultra-Low-Profile


Smart Technology, Hygienic Design

Combine the power of POWERCELL® technology with our fully optimized hygienic design. The ultra-low-profile PHD779 platforms alleviate the most common floor scale challenges to speed up every part of your process, from loading and unloading to cleaning between cycles. ​

Choose from the static, mobile, or easy-lift models to optimize your operation. With in-process accuracy of up to 60,000d, you can weigh with tighter tolerances to reduce product waste and improve profitability.​

What is hygienic design?​

Sanitary standards, as defined by EHEDG and NSF, include a wide range of equipment design aspects that must be considered, such as selecting the right construction materials, providing easy access for cleaning, and preventing the accumulation of materials and liquids.​

PHD779 Lift​

The PHD779lift floor scale, with a fully sealed bottom plate and unique failure-proof lifting functionality, reduces clean room hazards and helps you to protect operator and consumer safety.​

  • Headache-Free 360° Cleaning ​
    Easily fulfill higher hygienic standards and reduce individual cleaning cycle time and frequency. The stainless-steel construction prevents moisture accumulation and allows you to eliminate contamination risk in regulated environments.​
  • 100% Visual Inspection​
    The innovative design allows for 100% visual inspection and eliminates the risk of water ingress in frequent washdown applications. Speed up and​ simplify cleaning processes with headache-free​ 360° cleaning.​
  • Painless, Failure-Proof Lifting​
    Gas-filled springs help you to reduce production​ area hazards and protect operators from physical strain, while safety locks minimize the risk of injuries or equipment downtime to keep your operation running safely.

PHD779 Mobile​

If you require the flexibility to weigh in multiple locations across your facility or easily relocate the scale when it is not in use, PHD779mobile enables you to streamline your processes with safe, convenient mobility.

  • Safe, Convenient Mobility​
    Efficiently move your scale to a different station, relocate when cleaning, or quickly reconfigure your workplace.​
    Simply rotate the ramps up to the locking position to move the scale. When you are ready, lower the ramps and weigh. The self-centering platform automatically adjusts to optimal weighing position.​

PHD779 Static​

The static model of the PHD779 satisfies the requirements of most traditional weighing applications with all the benefits of​ our thoughtful hygienic design, large platform sizes, uniquely high accuracy, and smart POWERCELL® technology.