Weigh Modules

SWB405 MultiMount


Efficient Tank Weighing

All Safety on Board

SWB405 MultiMount weigh modules offer all safety features, including anti-uplift protection, 360° checking and down-stop protection to ensure the safety of tank weighing.

Easy Integration

SafeLock feature is built into SWB405 MultiMount weigh modules to make installation easier with all components locked in ideal initial positions.

Reliable Weighing

The hermetically sealed SLB415 load cell with IP68 rating can meet most industrial requirements. One optional stabilizer can be applied to each weigh module to improve the weighing stability of a tank scale with vibration or for in-motion weighing.

Low Contamination Risk

The powder-coated SWB405 Multi-Mount ensures zinc and copper material content is below 1% to significantly reduce the risk of cross-contamination in Li-ion battery production.