Weigh Modules

SWC415 PinMount™


Cost Efficient Tank Weighing

SWC415 PinMount™ features ensure correct scale system installation, right from the start. PinMount does not compromise on safety – all safety features are provided as standard. The rocker pin design provides the highest level of weighing accuracy. Installation features including SafeLock™ ensure easy and trouble free installation.

Tank Weighing

SWC415 PinMount offers incomparable value in weigh modules for all applications including tank, hopper, and silo weighing, and this is achieved without sacrificing the well-established features of the PinMount family.

Conveyors and Mixers

SWC415 PinMount™ weigh modules are designed for dynamic-loading applications such as conveyors, mixers, and blenders. SWC415 PinMount™ provides 360 degree checking for ease of installation and maximum safety. The rocker pin load cell restores the top plate to its ideal position to maintain accurate, repeatable weight.

Load Cells

The analog load cells have a rocker-pin design that automatically aligns load forces for accurate weighing. These hermetically sealed load cells are rated IP68 / IP69K and can be used in all environments. The load cells are easy to inspect or replace.


An optional stabilizer can be applied to each weigh module to stabilize a scale subject to heavy vibration or high torque, or used for in-motion weighing. With a stabilizer installed, thermal expansion is still possible, guaranteeing the best weighing performance.