Safe Weighing in Hazardous Areas.

For Zone 1/21 and Division 1 classified areas, the intrinsically safe IND500x indicator delivers process control and versatility to enable the perfect balance of safety and productivity. Optimize your manual, automatic, or semi-automatic applications.

Achieve Error-Free Operation

The high-resolution graphic display reduces operator fatigue and human error to help you to achieve consistent quality in manual applications.

Maximize Control and Minimize Costs

Accurate, repeatable, and traceable processes, thanks to the built-in application controls, help you to reduce material waste and rework.

Enable Full Connectivity

Flexible communication options give you ultimate flexibility. Connect the IND500x to your PLC or DCS easily with the ACM500.

Flexible Filling Processes

IND500x excels in manual, semi-automatic or automatic filling of single materials. Benefit from the built-in memory tables for filling targets so that you can seamlessly switch between materials in manual processes without reprogramming or have peace of mind in your process accuracy for fully automated applications.

Repeatable Manual Formulation

The built-in formulation application on IND500x speeds up manual formulation and ingredient handling processes in hazardous areas. It is designed to minimize operator errors, reduce waste and enable high-quality production and data traceability.