Floor Scales

Wireless Floor Scale ACW520


Complete Freedom From Cables Flexibility To Place Anywhere

Our cable-free and pre-calibrated floor scale was designed to give your operation the flexibility it requires. With the ability to place and weigh the same day, exactly where you need it – you can avoid any disruptive downtime. Additionally, by eliminating the construction, digging and electrical work that is typically required with a floor scale installation – you save tons.

Fully Wireless Communication

For some operations, burying equipment cables is not an option. In this case, there is a risk for operators to trip over cables, as well as accidentally cut cables in production. Eliminate these hazards and reduce downtime with a cable-free floor scale.

Unrivaled 2 Year Battery Life

Not all cable-free floor scales are created equal. Only METTLER TOLEDO can offer a scale that eliminates charging stations, failure prone rechargeable batteries and the associated downtime. Our battery holds its charge for an incredible 2 years of use – saving you on energy cost, and keeping your equipment up and running when it matters most.