Atlantic Scale Company’s Custom Software Division

Atlantic Scale’s Custom Software Division will develop customized software to fit the unique needs of every customer. Custom software can be PC based to store transactions in a database such as Microsoft SQL Server or Indicator based to bring complex logic to the operator floor in an environment that operators are already familiar with. Solutions have been delivered to industries such as Flavor and Fragrance, Pharmaceutical, Food and Scrap/Recycling.

Data Collection systems have been developed at the PC and Indicator level. These programs will generate transaction tickets, collect key information supplied by the user and store the transactions in a local file or database to be reported on or analyzed at a later date.

Label Programs are used to generate labels for immediate acknowledgement of transactions that occur over a scale. Prompts such as Batch Number and Product ID would be filled in by either typing or bar code recognition systems. Transaction labels would be produced immediately to satisfy procedures or regulations that may exist.

Task Expert is proprietary programming language for select Mettler Toledo Indicators that will allow Atlantic Scale Company to bring customized solutions to customers’ processes. Through Task Expert, all functionality can be delivered to the operator with the push of a button. File Storage is available locally on the indicator and, transaction data can be brought to external devices such as PC’s, USB data loggers, and printers through serial and network communications
Atlantic Scale has developed software that can be customized to satisfy the specific needs of customers while allowing productivity to increase and the amount of time it takes to retrieve this information to decrease.