Calibration Weight Services serving Boston, MA

Boston area weight calibration provider

Here at Atlantic Scale Company, we’re proud to have spent more than a decade now serving the metrology and instrumentation needs for businesses in Boston, Cambridge, and the surrounding areas.

In addition to offering new calibration weights and weight sets, we provide Boston businesses with weight calibration services for their existing equipment. We also offer precision calibration for pipettes, data-loggers, and temperature, humidity, pressure, and electrical equipment.

Expert Knowledge Meets Personalized Service at Atlantic Scale

We have extensive experience with the calibration GMP requirements for the pharma, biotech, and medical device industries, which are particularly well represented in the Boston area. Our ISO 17025 accreditation for technical competence will also serve and support any ISO 17025 accredited calibration companies for the previously mentioned services.

Calibration weight company serving BostonOur clients are comfortable in the knowledge that our top priority is always the quality of the service we provide. As an Atlantic Scale customer, you will be entitled to free technical consulting for any of our calibration services. For instance, our expert team can provide advising in the set up of an internal weight verification program to comply with USP Chapter 41 and other regulatory compliance needs for in-house metrology instruments and standards.

Being only 1-2 working days shipping time from the Boston and Cambridge areas also enables us to provide the needed speedy standard turnarounds for your laboratory calibration instruments and weights. A detailed calibration report will be issued with each calibration service event, as well. Report data will meet GMP, ISO 17025, and any other compliance requirements for the stringent biotech, pharma, and medical device industries. For your convenience, we also provide easy web access to all reports on our secure server.

With our extensive knowledge and experience serving various industries in the area, we’re confident in our ability to provide your business with the fast, professional service you need. For more information, or to schedule a consultation, be sure to contact our calibration weight company serving Boston online or to call the Atlantic Scale team at (973) 661-7090 today!