Form+ Formulation System

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Ensure Batch Quality – Every Time

Paper-based formulation systems are prone to errors due to simple human errors and unreadable handwriting. Operators have to focus on both producing high-quality products and documenting the production results. In the case of an issue you have to go through these documents manually, which can be extremely time consuming. With Form+ your operators can focus on products without being distracted by typical documentation requirements. Resulting in reliable, traceable, automatically stored data.

Fewer Human Errors

Gain systematic control of your formulation process by eliminating manual measurement entries. Repetitive tasks can often lead to mistakes driven by
complacency. Automating the data entry process for your formulation eliminates this risk, and allows operators to work with confidence.

Remotely Manage Data

Automatic documentation ensures that you have data to verify your process and the ability to monitor from anywhere within your facility. Avoid documentation
of wrong data, lost papers, scribbled handwriting and data-entry errors – forever. Access the data you need, as soon as you need it.

Better User Experience

Form+ offers systematic improvement without complexity for operators. It facilitates easy recipe and production management as well as step-by-step guidance for operators. This user friendly setup allows operators to gain efficiencies in their repetitive processes, without gaining risks for errors.

Work The Way You Want

Intelligent recipe development adapts to your method of manufacturing. There is no need for intense process or production changes when implementing Form+ . Operations receive great gains in quality with little effort for installation and scale-up.

Features and Benefits

• Flexibility in recipes allows you to process each material individually the way you are used to.
Easily define the default steps for the operator to follow.
• Don’t bother with manually written entries – Form+ stores them automatically.
• Retrieve your data from wherever and whenever you need it.
• Form+ allows you to weigh in both horizontal and vertical mode.
• Use pre-weighed materials, like bags from your supplier, without weighing them.
• Easily connect to IND890-10. The terminal will show up in Form+ automatically.
• In case of recalls, easily find those batches where specific raw materials where used.


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