Ensuring Calibration Weight Accuracy with Proper Handling

If you work in the pharmaceutical, biotech, or medical fields, then it’s likely that you use test weights more often than just about anything else in your lab. After all, properly calibrated weights are an essential component when working to ensure accuracy in your results.

At our weight calibration facility, we’re all too familiar with how easily improper handling can compromise the conventional mass value—or CMV—of precision test weights. To help protect the accuracy of your weights, we recommend working with your team to establish and reinforce proper habits when it comes to handling these critical implements.

Mass metrology lab for weight calibration

Simple Dos and Don’ts for Maintaining Accuracy

When handling calibration weights, the first rule of thumb is not to use your hands to move them directly. The heat, oils, and dirt from your hands will transfer to the weights and compromise their CMV. Instead, be sure to use approved tweezers, forceps, weight forks, or gloves when moving weights.

Place weights directly on their intended surface, and remove them directly, as well; the friction of sliding weights across a surface can remove mass. The same is true of the friction that comes with cleaning a weight with non weight-specific implements. A cloth, bellows blower, or small brush intended specifically for calibration weights is ideal. Any solvent cleaning should be carried out only by a calibration professional.

Calibration weight maintenance

The environment around your weights plays a role, as well. Before using a calibration weight, let it rest in its specified container near its intended balance to acclimate to the surrounding temperature. Similarly, avoid placing weights near any source of magnetic energy, including any device with a motor.

Lastly, be sure that your team is aware that any weight that is dropped needs to be calibrated and recertified before being used. This is also true of any weight that appears to be damaged, which is another reason to encourage frequent visual inspections by all members of the team.

To learn more about proper calibration weight handling techniques, or to set up a consultation for weight and equipment calibration, be sure to contact Atlantic Scale online or to call our team at (973) 661-7090 today!

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