Pipette Calibration

Pipette Calibration

Mail-in Pipette Calibration Service and Pipette Repair Services

Our ISO/IEC17025 accredited laboratory was built specifically to provide our customers with the most accurate Pipette Calibration service. This is evidenced by our industry-leading calibration uncertainties. The laboratory was designed with the latest in pipette specific balances, vibration-reducing equipment, and environmental air handling systems. Our Pipette Calibration service is provided by a company with a 35+ year history of providing exceptional pipette calibration and repair services. Our turn around service is the fastest in the industry with available Next-On-Bench and 3-Day turnaround services.

On Site Pipette Calibration Services and Pipette Repair*

We understand that in some industries and applications, sending out your pipettes for calibration isn’t feasible. In these cases, we also bring the same high-level services as our mail-in calibration program to your site. Utilizing the same pipette specific balances and with granite vibration-reducing equipment, you can be assured of top-level accuracy, but with the convenience of never having to be without your pipettes. Full services are still included, such as preventive maintenance, repair services on all brands, full electronic documentation, and online asset management.
*Limited service area

Accredited Service

Our pipette calibration laboratory is able to provide accredited calibration services to meet your ISO or regulatory requirements. We have some of the lowest uncertainties in the industry, ensuring you receive the most accurate calibration service possible. We routinely participate in proficiency testing to compare our calibration results with industry standards.

  • ISO/IEC17025:2017 Accredited by A2LA, Certificate #2736.01
  • ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 Accredited by A2LA, Certificate #2736.01
  • ISO 8655 Compliant Certificates Available

Pipette Repair Services:

We service and repair all major brands. From preventive maintenance to replacement parts, we can handle most issues quickly. Repair parts are stocked for all the major brands reducing your downtime and expediting turnaround. Not repairable? We can get a new calibrated pipette to you fast!

Calibrated pipettes are an integral part of our services, encompassing both repair and replacement options. Our skilled technicians adeptly handle all major brands, providing timely solutions for issues ranging from preventive maintenance to replacement parts. In cases where a calibrated pipette cannot be repaired, we prioritize your workflow by swiftly delivering a new, meticulously calibrated pipette.

  • Replacement pipette parts
  • Replacement pipettes

Pipette Preventive Maintenance Services:

Full preventive maintenance is included in all calibration services, no matter what level you choose. You can be confident that your pipette will be received back after calibrations cleaned and lubricated, with all new wear parts as required.

  • Internal and External cleaning
  • Replacement Seal and O-ring
  • Polishing of piston
  • Lubrication
  • Adjustment

On Site Pipette Calibration Services

We provide completely customizable on site pipette calibration services based upon your requirements. Do you have specific requirements for documenting data? We can provide any testing plan you may need.

  • As Found, As Left, or Both
  • Any amount of replicates readings
  • Any amount of nominal test points
  • ISO8655 compliant test plans
  • Preventive maintenance only services
  • Repair only services

Types of Pipettes:

  • Fixed or Variable
  • Single Channel, Multi Channel, Repeaters, and Bottle Top Dispensers.
  • Any Volume
  • Any Manufacturer
  • Air or Positive Displacement


  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant Asset Management Software & Calibration Reports
  • Full electronic calibration reports with data as required
  • Industrial strength laminated calibration labels as required
  • On-line accessibility
  • Calibration trending
  • Service history
  • Out of tolerance, out of service notifications

Pipette Care & Use Seminar

We also provide our customers with care and use seminars to help users keep their pipettes operating properly and reduce failures.

  • Topics included are:
  • Types and variations of pipettes
  • Parts of a pipette
  • How they work
  • Type of pipetting
  • Decontamination guidelines
  • Common issues
  • Symptoms and probable causes
  • ISO8655
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Testing/Calibration
  • Proper technique