Temperature Calibration

Temperature Calibration

Mail-in Temperature Calibration and Repair Services

Our ISO/IEC17025 accredited laboratory was built specifically to provide our customers with the most accurate temperature calibration, as evidenced by our industry leading calibration range and uncertainties for both comparison and intrinsic testing.  The laboratory has been designed with the latest in calibration blocks and baths as well as temperature sensing equipment and intrinsic standards.  Calibration services are provided by a company with a 35+ year history of providing exceptional calibration and repair services.  Our turn around service is the fastest in the industry with available Next-On-Bench and 3-Day turnaround services.

On-Site Temperature Calibration and Repair Services

We understand that in some industries and applications; sending out your temperature equipment for calibration isn’t feasible. In these cases, we also bring the same high level services as our mail-in calibration program to your site. Utilizing portable versions of our temperature blocks and baths as well a variety of highly accurate field grade temperature sensing equipment, you will receive top level accuracy, but with the convenience of never having to be without your equipment. Our full range of services are included, such as preventive maintenance, repair services, full electronic documentation, and on-line asset management.

Temperature Mapping Services

Depending on the type of industry and regulatory requirements, there may be a need for temperature mapping services. We can help develop and implement an IQ/OQ/PQ protocol with temperature mapping/data logging services that can help you meet these requirements. We will provide a report with data and statistics for each temperate point at each location.
Statistics by Probe & Statistics by Point are provided for:
Minimum, Maximum, Range, Average, Mean Error, Std Deviation

Accredited Service

Our calibration laboratory is able to provide accredited calibration services to meet your ISO or regulatory requirements. We have some of the lowest uncertainties in the industry, ensuring you receive the most accurate calibration service possible. Our precision equipment calibration lab routinely participates in proficiency testing to compare our calibration results with industry standards.

  • ISO/IEC17025:2017 Accredited by A2LA, Certificate #2736.01
  • ANSI/NCSL Z540-1-1994 Accredited by A2LA, Certificate #2736.01

Temperature Equipment Repair Services:

We can resolve many types of repair issues beyond regular maintenance/calibration adjustments; Loose or broken connectors, replacement probes, de-stressing/annealing, replacement connectors/wires, etc. Any repairs that cannot be made in-house can be contracted out to the manufacturer for you. We will handle the oversight of the repair and confirm the results once returned. Not repairable? We can work with you on specifying a new replacement and getting it delivered with calibration to you fast!

Temperature Equipment Preventive Maintenance Services:

Full preventive maintenance is included in all calibration services, no matter what level you choose. As a result, you can be confident that your thermometer/probe will be received back after calibration with any adjustments required, returning it to its best operating condition.

Temperature Equipment Calibration Services

We provide completely customizable calibration services based upon your requirements. Do you have specific requirements for documenting the data? We can provide any testing plan you may need.

  • As Found, As Left, or Both
  • Coefficient calculation
  • Resistance tables
  • ASTM compliant test plans

Types of Thermometers

  • Liquid-in-Glass
  • Bi-Metal
  • Infrared
  • Thermocouples
  • RTD
  • Thermistor
  • PRT
  • iRTD
  • SPRT

Types of Calibrators

  • Dry/Wet Block Calibrators
  • Calibration Furnaces
  • RTD & TC Simulators/Calibrators

Comparison Point Calibration

We offer a wide range of comparison temperature calibration points. These are used to calibrate the majority of thermometer/probe systems at very competitive pricing. A comparison point calibration is the use of a standard thermometer and a calibration block/batch to induce a set temperature, and then comparing that temperature to the unknown thermometer (device under test).
Range: -197 to 1200 °C

Fixed Points/Intrinsic Standard Calibration

We offer an extensive Fixed Point/Intrinsic standard assortment to use in high end temperature calibrations. For thermometer/probes with the accuracy and uncertainty requirements beyond what typical comparison calibrations can offer, we can provide fixed point/intrinsic calibrations to meet these needs. We offer the following points:

  • Liquid Ni