Is Your Scale An NTEP Approved Device?

NTEPWhy take the time to measure your product if the performance of the scale cannot be assured?

Let’s look at a few of the main components of a scale; a scale consists of the chassis, electronics, and weighing (load) cell. Important items to remember is that all scales are not created equal and is the scale that I am about to purchase an NTEP approved device.

The Chassis of the scale can vary from plastic to a metal housing. Metal housings are more robust and provide a longer return on investment. If the housing is metal, is it mild steel painted or stainless steel? If you conduct business in a regulated environment, we suggest stainless steel for NSF, HACCP and cGMP compliance. Is the scale dust and water resistant?

Electronics typically make up indicator functionality and the quality of circuitry of the scale indicator. Does your process require traceability? If so, do you need Date, Time, Item #, Lot Number and weight traceability? At Atlantic Scale Company many of the products we offer provide a variety of ways to assist with achieving these results whether we interface the scale to a printer, USB stick or computer.

Weighing (load) cells are a critical element of the scale. They affect the accuracy of the scale. Also, they have a significant effect on the amount of repair service that is required on the scale if the weighing (load) cell is not the correct device for your process.

Specifying the proper scale for the customer’s process is a critical step for maximizing a customer’s return on the investment and weigh cell specification falls into this category. Listed below are just a few of the questions and concerns you need to consider when purchasing a scale?

 Does the weigh cell need to be stainless steel or aluminum?
 Does the weigh cell need to be potted or hermetically sealed?
 How much overload protection does your process require?
 What type of accuracy do you require? Does it meet your manufacturing tolerance?
 Does your process require an Electromechanical weigh cell or an Analog Load cell?

Is the scale you are looking to purchase a NTEP approved device?

This is a mission critical step in the process. If you are looking to purchase a scale that the weighing performance can be assured by NTEP, then it is recommended that you purchase a NTEP approved Scale. The National Conference of Weights & Measures (NCWM) issues a NTEP Certificate of conformance following successful completion of an evaluation of a device. It indicates that the device described in the certificate is capable of meeting applicable requirements of the NIST handbook 44.

If you purchase a non NTEP approved device, this means the scale has no Certificate of Conformance (COC). When a scale is not NTEP approved, it means no one can assure you of the performance of the scale. With that said, you could have erroneous weighments which would lead to bad batches or product give away. This could be very expensive and time consuming for you. In conclusion, your initial price may be a little more for the appropriate scale but your long term cost is
the lowest when you make a purchasing decision based on understanding scale equipment.

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