International Standard Provides Consistency for Pipette Calibration

Accuracy is key when it comes to laboratory equipment, as the ability to replicate results is essential. That accuracy needs to be consistent not only within your facility, but around the world in order to ensure interchangeable data that can be used on a broad scale.

At our pipette calibration facility, we take accuracy seriously. Fortunately, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) does, too!

An International Standard for Accurate Pipettes

The ISO is comprised of national standards bodies around the world, working together to form technical committees. Any member body interested in a particular committee can be represented. Additionally, both governmental and non-governmental organizations work in tandem with ISO to help prepare International Standards.

Pipette calibration services

ISO 8655 is specifically crafted to meet the pipette calibration needs of suppliers, test houses, and users. Having a uniform standard across the industry allows proper calibration at all stages, including initial quality control, supplier’s declarations, independent certification, and routine checks.

By adhering to a stringent international standard, users can guarantee uniform results. To ensure repeatable measurements, ISO 8655 clearly defines the calibration process and parameters for various elements.

In order to meet ISO 8655 requirements, users must meet strict standards for maximum measurement uncertainties, maximum permissible errors, the methodology of calibration, lab conditions, and procedure requirements.

At Atlantic Scale, our team is proud to provide personnel and facilities that meet or exceed the specifications of this international standard. With our low uncertainties, we are able to provide ISO 8655 compliant certificates with pipette calibrations.

Pipette calibration certifications

We also provide full preventative maintenance with all of our calibration services, so you can count on receiving your pipettes back in pristine condition. Each calibration includes internal and external cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, and the replacement of typical wear parts including seals and O-rings.

For the accuracy that you need every time, make Atlantic Scale Company your destination. To learn more about our range of calibration services, be sure to contact us online or to call our friendly team at (973) 661-7090 today!

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