Mettler Toledo Freeweigh.NET SQC & SPC Data Collection Software

FreeWeigh.Net is a powerful software system that completely covers all aspects of packaging and filling quality control. Statistical balances, checkweighers, metal detectors, and other devices for recording data can be used in the integrated production network.

Statistical quality data is evaluated online on the display screen or in the form of freely definable reports.FreeWeigh.Net SQC & SPC Data Collection Software
The FreeWeigh.Net SQC & SPC Data Collection Software system consists of separate work stations for product definition, monitoring, and for the recording of measurement results from samples or 100% control.

The intuitive and easy-to-learn graphic user guide is aligned to the standards of Office programs, thereby reducing the risk of faulty operation.

All components are linked by Ethernet, and the communication protocol is TCP/IP. Product, statistical, activity and user data is managed on the MS SQL database connected to the system.

Data is entered on heavy-duty industrial terminals, balances with terminal functionality or personal computers.

The modular structure of FreeWeigh.Net allows functions to be added later, as you need them, after initial installation.

Ongoing development and expansion of system software ensures maximum investment protection and conformity to new legal requirements.


Downloadable Files:
FreeWeigh.Net Brochure Pharmaceutical Brochure
FreeWeigh.Net CheckWeigher
FreeWeigh.Net Module Data Sheet
FreeWeigh.Net Customer Testimonial