Atlantic Scale Weighing Solutions Delivers For Driscoll Foods

Atlantic Scale


Since 1971 Driscoll Foods has been a premier distributor in the Tri-State Area. Delivering over 10,000 stocked items to customer’s per-day, Driscoll Foods is constantly improving their process to provide quality service. Because of this level of service Driscoll has been expanding. This expansion has led to search for solutions that will make their process more efficient and provide complete traceability of their weighing and labeling process.

In Driscoll’s previous process their weighing stations were limited. Atlantic’s technical experts matched them with a standard Mettler-Toledo off the shelf weighing solution. New weighing stations showcase ICS685 indicators and Databic’s Software operating on a centralized database that provides complete traceability. This system not only improved their weighing stations but gave the added benefit of allowing management to see real time order fulfillment. In a short time these new weighing stations have proven to be invaluable in Dricscoll’s weighing and labeling process. Driscoll has also benefited from increased operator productivity & traceability.

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