Truck Scales

DataBridge™ Plus Scale Management System


Powerful and Intuitive Transaction Management System

DataBridge™ Plus is an innovative truck scale software management system that allows direct connectivity from the truck scale to your PC via a communication module, eliminating the need for a costly terminal. No matter how complex your application is, DataBridge™ Plus can be customized to meet your needs and improve your process.

Faster Transactions

A truck scale that becomes a bottleneck is frustrating for you and your customers. DataBridge™ Plus software can reduce the
time required to process weigh tickets by up to 50%. Automating your scale operation will allow you to weigh more trucks per day and provide prompt service for your customers.

Reduced Transaction Errors

Point-and-click ticket processing improves the efficiency and accuracy of your weighing operation, eliminating up to 90% of errors caused by manual data entry. Individual user permissions and other fraud-prevention features eliminate the risk of cheating at the scale. Pair with POWERCELL ® PDX® load cells including breachdetection technology for extra security.

Manage Your Business Your Way

With extensive record storage and powerful reporting/charting capabilities, DataBridge™ Plus allows you to quickly analyze operational and financial trends to help you effectively manage your business. The connection between truck scale operations and back-office planning has never been so streamlined.

Real-Time Alerts and Monitoring

Pairing DataBridge™ Plus software with InTouchSM remote services can help you reduce your downtime by 20%. By diagnosing and resolving your problems remotely or immediately dispatching service when an issue occurs, your scale is operational faster than ever.