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VTC101 Concrete Deck Truck Scale


Model VTC101 is a concrete deck truck scale with POWERCELL® PDX® technology added as a standard feature. It combines a concrete driving surface with a robust orthotropic understructure similar to those used in our steel deck truck scales. The composite design draws upon the strengths of both concrete and steel to produce an exceptionally durable structure. It eliminates a common cause of premature deck failure: voids in the deck that occur when pouring concrete around I-beam flanges and sharp corners. As a result, you get a weighbridge capable of handling legal over-the-road traffic throughout a long service life. With the use of POWERCELL PDX load cells, there is no longer a need to use any junction boxes, allowing the VTC101 concrete deck truck scale to be one of the most reliable truck scales on the market. By combining the strength of an orthotropic weighbridge with the reliability of POWERCELL load cells, this truck scale ensures that you will get years of trouble-free weighing even in the harshest environments.

Atlantic Scale also sells and installs the Mettler Toledo Digital Truck and Railroad scale. We offer total weighing system integration capabilities including:

  • Design consultation
  • Foundation construction
  • PC based data acquisition
  • Traffic controls, lights and gates
  • Remote scoreboards
  • Guard rails
  • Intercoms
  • Scale Houses
  • Camera

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