Hazardous Area Scales




When weighing in hazardous environment you need accuracy and reliability without sacrificing safety. The ICS4_6x-Series offer seamless integration into your production process as your scale can be individually configured for fast and precise operations. The rugged and easy to clean stainless steel design makes it best suited for wet, harsh and hazardous environment.

Proven Compliance

The ICS4_6x-Series are approved according global and local standards. IECEx, ATEX and FMC+US are approvals for use in hazardous areas classified as Zone 1/21 and Division 1. Regular audits of the METTLER TOLEDO production facilities by the certification bodies verify that standards are applied and safety is ensured.

Full Protection

The intrinsically safe product design ensures highest level of safety and compliance with the latest hazardous area requirements. In addition, the scales feature a compact design and can be easily maintained.

Highest Accuracy

The ICS4_6x-Series enable industry leading accuracy of up to 750.000d in Zone 1/21, Division 1. When tolerances are tight, these scales deliver the precision you need without compromising safety.

Best Usability

An intuitive operating philosophy provides easy and secure handling of even complex weighing applications in the hazardous area. The colorWeight® functionality of the ICS466x improves speed and control of weighing tasks.