In Motion Scales

IND9D57 Controller For Checkweighing


IND9D57 Conveyor Scale Controller

The IND9D57 controller provides a robust, reliable and flexible interface to conveyor scales for in-motion weighing. Items can be weighed while crossing an analog load cell-based conveyor at speeds up to 73m/minute. A variety of I/O controls and indicators ensure
easy and accurate operation. Data from bar code scanners, RFID readers, or dimensioning equipment can be integrated with the IND570dyn to provide a complete transaction record. A target can be recalled and weights compared against target values to trigger
an output or identify in the transaction record out of tolerance items. Optional Ethernet and PLC connectivity provides flexibility for interface to other control or data analysis equipment.

Data integration

Allows for automatic integration of package-specific information such as bar code, RFID tag data, and dimensional data. Data
communication to peripheral devices via serial, Ethernet and PLC interface is available.

Multiple I/O Options

This makes for flexible operations including visible and audible status indicators, and direct operator control of operating mode.

Superior In-Motion Performance

The METTLER TOLEDO 9477 scale conveyor is an in-motion scale for weighing large packages such as boxes, cartons, cases, bags or sacks. The robust frame and conveyor construction withstands the impact of heavy packages, so the system is ideal for tough environments.