In Motion Scales

Weighing Conveyor Model 9477



The METTLER TOLEDO model 9477 weigh conveyor is built for industrial applications using C-channel framing along with 2” square tubing for strength and durability. The upper deck is built with a flat steel plate for smooth weighing between the two balanced steel rollers. The weighing mechanics uses four 250 lbs load cells located in the corners to detect weights no matter where the package is tracking along the weigh bed. The system also uses a dual photo eye configuration to detect cartons as they enter and exit the weigh bed, this allows us to get the most allowable weigh time for each carton no matter the length. The dual photo eyes also allows the unit to detect if a carton enters the scale before the previous carton has exited so no bad weights are averaged into the final output.

9477 Mach II

The METTLER TOLEDO model 9477 MACH II weigh conveyor is built to run at speeds from 250 FPM (feet per minute) to 600 FPM. The primary difference from the standard machine is that all the framing and rollers above the load cells are made of aluminum, which decreases the top load weight and increases the readability of the load cells. The aluminum rollers are spin balanced to a much tighter spec, and a seamless woven belt is added to reduce vibration.