Laboratory Balances

LA Balances


Simple Balances

You Can Rely On

Make the most of your budget with these entry-level balances that offer just what you need for your basic weighing tasks, with the added benefit of METTLER TOLEDO quality and reliability. The built-in applications perform results calculations automatically, helping to ensure consistent processes and minimize errors. It’s also simple to connect your balance to a printer, secondary display, or a computer, making your results documentation fast and error-free.

Everything You Need

These straightforward, quality balances are perfect for when you have simple weighing tasks and want accurate results you can rely on.

Reliable Performance

With no compromise on quality, the precise load cell delivers fast results you can trust.

3 Built-in Applications

In addition to simple weighing, these balances offer built-in weighing methods for piece counting and dynamic weighing.

Affordable Quality

Trust in METTLER TOLEDO quality for reliable performance and a long balance lifetime, together ensuring an overall low cost of ownership.


  • Electromagnetic Force Compensation (EMFC) Weighing Cell
  • Adjustment With External Weights

Efficient Operation

  • Bright Backlit LCD Display
  • 3 Built-In Applications
  • Front Level Indicator
  • Hook For Weighing Below The Balance

Quality Assurance

  • Overload Protection
  • Metal Base, ABS Top Housing
  • Settings Protection

Data Management

  • RS232 Interface
  • Bluetooth Option
  • Transfer Weight Function For Easy Data Transfer
  • EasyDirect Balance Software