Laboratory Balances

XPR Precision Balance


Go Beyond Weighing with the XPR Precision Balance

Weighing is one of the most important and standard tasks in a laboratory. Therefore, it is vital that the results are reliable and accurate, data management easy and intuitive and the whole process fast and efficient. The XPR Precision Balance deliver the accurate weighing results you need as the foundation for your analytical results.

Excellence XPR Precision Balances go beyond weighing, thanks to flexible solutions that support you with data management, traceability and regulatory compliance. Integrated features, like StatusLightTM, and balance-stored notepad with weighing methods, simplify your overall process and make your workflows leaner.

Moreover, XPR Precision Balance is equipped with an innovative SmartPanTM and therefore offers outstanding performance in any environment, even under harsh conditions. It delivers accurate results that you need as a foundation of your analytical results.

Additionally, quality-assurance features ensure your weighing results are always valid, helping you to comply with even the strictest regulations.

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