Floor Scales

MG4500 Extreme Heavy Duty


Built For Maximum Durability

The MG4500 Extreme Heavy Duty is a fully electronic floor scale may be either surface or flush mounted, with a mild steel construction. Available in 40,000 lb and 60,000 lb capacities, and a variety of standard sizes. Supported by wide flanged heavy duty I-beams. Four lifting points permit the scale platform to be easily lifted for periodic inspection and maintenance. 100% end loading, ideal for forklifts and other concentrated loads.

Coil Scales

The MG4500 floor scale is ideal for weighing heavy steel, copper, and aluminum coils. An optional coil cradle holds coils in place for
fast, safe, and accurate weighing. The cradle is lined with rubber padding to protect coils from damage.

Accurate Weighing

A self-aligning suspension handles the strong side-loading forces common to heavy-capacity applications. Combining a rocker pin and slider cup, this patented suspension automatically centers the scale platform for accurate weighing.

Maximum Durability

The MG4500 floor scale is designed for continuous use in extreme industrial applications. Its rugged platform is constructed of thick steel plate reinforced by heavy-duty I-beams. The scale stands up to high-impact loading over a long service life.

Reliable Performance

The scale’s heavy-capacity load cells provide accurate, reliable weighing in harsh industrial environments. They are hermetically sealed against moisture and constructed of stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance.