Weigh Modules

SWB220 Load Cell


Economical Compression Weigh Modules for Conversion of Tanks, Hoppers, and Conveyors into a Scale.

The SWB220 load cells are available with Global approvals including NTEP, FM, OIML, and ATEX. SWB220 weigh modules offer good value for general purpose weighing of OEM machinery, conveyors, and tanks or hoppers with flexible inlets and outlets. They use cantilever-bending-beam load cells to deliver accurate and repeatable weighing. The design is suitable for static loading in applications that have minimal lateral movement. Mounting hardware is available in zinc-plated carbon steel and stainless steel to stand up to a variety of environments.

Static Loading

SWB220 weigh modules are suitable for general-purpose weighing in static-loading applications that have minimal horizontal shear or thermally induced movement

Load Cells

The cantilever-bending-beam load cells are made of alloy or stainless steel for use in all environments. Load cells are hermetically sealed for IP68 to IP68/IP69K protection.

Compression Mounts

SWB220 weigh modules have upper compression mounts made of neoprene elastomeric to isolate the load cells from vibration and shock. Cold-rolled steel inserts strengthen the compression mounts.

Rigid Suspension

The upper compression mount is bolted to the load cell, providing anti-uplift protection. A built-in overload stop bolt protects the load
cell from overload damage.