Temperature Calibration Ensures Accurate Thermometers

Most people have at least one or two thermometers at home that will never need to be sent to a temperature calibration laboratory. Perhaps you have one in the medicine cabinet for taking a temperature when you come down with something, one in the kitchen for making sure that foods are thoroughly cooked, or one on the back porch for taking note of the weather outside.

Temperature Instrument Calibration

Chances are that you just picked these up at the drug store or grocery store. In most cases, these thermometers don’t offer any means of adjustment or calibration; that means you’re simply relying on the manufacturer’s quality control to provide accuracy.

This might be fine for typical household use, but what about when you’re relying on accuracy for repeatable results in the pharmaceutical, bio-tech, or medical device industries? For the traceable, certifiable precision you need, our temperature calibration laboratory is here to help.

Measuring Temperature

Many measurements, such as time and mass, are based on real, defined physical conditions. Temperature, on the other hand, is defined by a theoretical set of conditions. By basing temperature on the thermodynamics of a perfect system, we find the thermodynamic temperature scale measured in Kelvins (K). This system, however, is unattainable, which makes temperature calibration in the real world a bit trickier.

Temperature Gauge Calibration

To ensure accuracy in real-world conditions, our calibration laboratory adheres to the current working temperature scale, the International Temperature Scale of 1990; you may recognize it as ITS-90. This system assigns values based on fixed points, such as the freezing points of pure metals, to establish standard measurements. As equipment is improved over time, the scale is updated to provide the most accurate measurements possible.

At Atlantic Scale Company, our expert team is trained on the latest standards and has access to the cutting-edge equipment necessary to provide you with the accurate calibrations that you depend on. To learn more about calibrating your lab’s equipment, or to schedule a consultation with our team, be sure to contact us online or to call the Atlantic Scale team at (973) 661-7090 today!

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