Pipette Calibration Laboratory Helps Users Avoid Common Errors

Repeatability and accuracy are positively crucial in a lab setting, which is why our pipette calibration laboratory strives to provide you with the precision that you need. In addition to ensuring that your pipettes are calibrated regularly in accordance with your needs and frequency of use, there are many steps that you and your team can take to help ensure accuracy.

Pipette calibration services

Whether you’re working in the biotech, pharmaceutical, or medical device field, sticking to these best practices will help your team to get the most accurate results possible!

Use the Proper Pipette

Not all pipettes are created equal, and choosing the right pipette for the job will always help you to do a better job. Different varieties such as micro pipettes, volumetric pipettes, and measuring pipettes are all intended to serve different purposes.

Also be sure to choose a pipette that minimizes the difference between the volume minimum of the pipette and the volume you need to work with.

Take the Environment Into Account

The environment in which you perform your work will always impact your work, and it’s important to factor that in. Factors like temperature, humidity, and pressure will all play a role in your results. The temperature of your sample, in particular, needs to be consistent for reliable results.

Pipette calibration lab

Allowing your pipette to adjust to the environment before use will alleviate many of these concerns.

Take Care of Your Pipettes

In addition to calibrating your pipettes, it’s crucial to care for them properly. This includes using a stand and storing your pipettes vertically at all times. Storing pipettes in an upright position helps to ensure that all of the articulating parts continue working as intended.

Additionally, be sure to clean your pipettes before and after each use. A visual inspection before each use is recommended, too, as this can help you to take note of issues and address them before they can impact your results.

By following these simple tips and staying on top of routine calibrations with Atlantic Scale Company, you can count on your pipettes to provide you with the precision that you depend on. To learn more about caring for your pipettes, don’t hesitate to contact us online or to call our team directly at (973) 661-7090 today!

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