Mail-In Humidity Calibration Service Helps Clients Maintain Accuracy

It doesn’t take a lab technician or scientist to be familiar with humidity. Whether it’s a scratchy throat, frizzy hair, or baked goods going stale, we’ve all noticed a shift in humidity at one point or another. For those who work in a lab, though, humidity’s impact is often much more significant than just a bad hair day.

Simply put, humidity is a measurement of the water vapor contained in a given gas. In most common applications, this refers to the amount of water vapor contained in the air in a given space. At our humidity calibration lab, we know that the humidity in your lab or facility can impact the materials you use and the work that you do.

A notable instance is the impact that humidity has on dew point, which can have an effect on the proper temperature for storing a gas to avoid condensation. The ambient humidity in an area can also lead to corrosion of instruments or mold on products, which can be potentially disastrous in the chemical and pharmaceutical fields.

Accurately Measuring Humidity

Humidity is typically measured in relative humidity, or %rh. This measurement denotes how saturated a gas or space is with water vapor. This measurement is impacted by temperature, as well, so many hygrometers feature a temperature gauge, as well.

At Atlantic Scale Company, we provide a mail-in service so that clients can benefit from our advanced humidity calibration equipment. We have two Thunder Scientific Model 2500 models, which make use of NIST’s fundamental two-pressure generator principle to provide accurate measures of humidity for calibration.


Our system is able to provide accurate measurement of humidity to facilitate instrument calibration, evaluation, and verification. Our chambers have an accuracy of ±0.5 %rh, as well as a range of 10% to 95% humidity.

For more information on our state-of-the-art equipment and mail-in calibration services, be sure to contact us online or to call the Atlantic Scale Company team directly at (973) 661-7090 today!

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