Maintenance is the Name of the Game for Pressure Gauges

At a glance, it can seem as though the pressure gauges you depend on for correct operation of your devices require little maintenance, aside from routine pressure calibration. However, this isn’t strictly the case.

Pressure instrument calibration

When it comes to maintaining your pressure gauges, proper usage and application are the best habits your team can develop. Like most devices, gauges do wear out over time; this is perfectly normal. If you get the feeling that yours aren’t lasting as long as they should before failing or losing accuracy, though, then chances are that improper use or care is to blame.

One common mistake that can severely shorten the lifespan of a pressure gauge is improper installation. A gauge should always be installed by using a wrench on the socket itself; never install the gauge by turning the case.

Additionally, always pay attention to a gauge’s specifications! Every pressure gauge will specify its intended ranges for temperature and pressure, including its maximum and operating figures. By adhering to these ranges without fail, you can significantly extend the usability of your gauges.

Routine Calibration Ensures Prolonged Accuracy

Of course, even gauges that are installed and used properly still rely on professional calibration to ensure that they remain accurate while in service. The professionals at our pressure calibration laboratory can provide the traceable calibration that you need.

Calibration ideally involves a test gauge with accuracy four times greater than the gauge being tested and a matching pressure range, enabling precise accuracy for your readings.

Calibrating devices for measuring pressure

The calibration for your gauges will depend on the frequency and type of use that they are subjected to, meaning that your facility will needs its own custom calibration schedule. Our experts are happy to help you formulate the right schedule for you based on the pulsation, vibration, pressure, temperature, and environment that your gauges are subjected to.

To learn more about preserving the accuracy of your pressure gauges, or to schedule a consultation with our team, don’t hesitate to contact us online or to call Atlantic Scale at (973) 661-7090 today!

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