Atlantic Scale’s Pipette Calibration Experts Break Down the Benefits of Electronic and Manual Pipettes

When you’re after the best results, it’s only logical to ensure your team is using the best possible equipment. In the biotech, medical device, and pharmaceutical fields, this often leads to choosing between manual and electronic pipettes.

Pipette calibration services

Our pipette calibration laboratory knows that making the switch to new equipment can be a bit imposing, particularly if your team is already accustomed to a certain way of doing things. When the change has the potential to improve your accuracy and precision, though, it’s well worth the effort of switching!

Modern Tools for the Modern Age

The fact is that manual pipettes are more subject to human error. Even properly calibrated pipettes can yield false results through poor Operator Technique, with usage outside of pipette range, volume selection accuracy, fast or careless aspiration and dispensing, or over-aspiration and barrel contamination all leading to imperfect results.

The switch to mechanical pipettes, though, significantly reduces or removes these issues. Digital displays, for instance, electronically limit the range of use. This removes the possibility of using the pipette outside of its intended range, which can damage the pipette. The display also removes the micrometer setting, eliminating the chance of parallax and hysteresis errors.

Calibrating pipettes

Similarly, the electronic motor regulates the rate of aspiration and dispensing. This significantly reduces the chances of introducing air into the liquid column, splashing into the barrel, and barrel contamination.

Electronic pipettes also possess an immunity, so to speak, against many issues that plague manual pipettes. More robust seals and O-rings resist wear and tear over a longer course of time, while components that fatigue in manual pipettes—the micrometer spring and friction ring, for instance—aren’t present in electronic pipettes.

To learn more about the benefits of electronic pipettes, or to set up a pipette calibration schedule consultation, we invite you to contact us online or to call the Atlantic Scale Company team at (973) 661-7090 today!

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