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IND9U Unattended Vehicle Terminal


IND9U Unattended Vehicle Terminal

The METTLER TOLEDO IND9U allows you to weigh vehicles and capture information, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without the need for a scale operator. The system is highly configurable, and can be ordered to meet virtually any application-specific requirement. Each version is available with a METTLER TOLEDO scale terminal, and a customizable array of input and output devices.

Flexible Configurations

To meet a variety of truck-weighing needs. Select the input and output peripherals that are just right for your application, including badge readers, intercoms, keyboards, loops, ticket printers and traffic light and gate control.

Intuitive interfaces

Whether used with METTLER TOLEDO DataBridge or Udrive-780 Unattended software for stand-alone operation, the IND9U offers on-screen prompting and integrated traffic control features that simplify use, improve the quality of driver input, and assure consistency of routine operation.

Wireless Options

Simplify installation and operations in your facility by using wireless Ethernet to connect your terminals to your communications infrastructure. Even intercom voice data can be sent wirelessly using available Voice Over IP (VOIP) technology.

Meets Industry Needs

The IND9U range of Unattended Terminals can reduce the cost of vehicle weighing over a wide range of industrial applications:
• Asphalt Plants
• Aggregate Quarries
• Landfills
• Recycling Centers
• Wood Pulp Processing Facilities
• Agriculture/Feed Mills