Laboratory Balances

MA Precision Balances


Easy Everyday Weighing

For Your Routine Tasks

You can rely on accurate results with these high-quality balances that are intuitive to operate and easy to clean. Built-in applications provide simple instructions, while automatic calculations and electronic data transfer minimize errors and make documentation easy.

The bright LCD screen provides excellent readability, while the glass surface resists wear and tear and is easy to clean. The touch keys make it simple to operate the balance and navigate through the menus in the user interface.

Simple Operation

The large, bright screen is easy to read, while on-screen instructions guide you through each weighing procedure. Calculations are performed automatically and it’s simple to print out results or transfer them to a storage device.

Multiple Interfaces

Thanks to the USB-A and RS232 interfaces, you can transfer your weighing data quickly and without error to a printer or a computer or connect to a USB storage device for simple data transfer.

Trusted Performance

With proven weighing technologies and automatic adjustment using the internal test weights, you can trust your results to be consistent and precise.

Built to Last

Thanks to high-quality materials and solid construction, these balances are highly resilient. Even with intensive use in challenging weighing environments, you can depend on many years of reliable service.


  • Electromagnetic Force Compensation (EMFC) Weighing Cell
  • Internal Adjustment

Efficient Operation

  • LCD Hybrid Touchscreen
  • 10 Built-In Applications
  • Statistical Data Analysis
  • Hook For Weighing Below The Balance
  • Plug & Play

Quality Assurance

  • OIML/NTEP Approved
  • Front Level Indicator
  • Sample ID

Data Management

  • 2 Interfaces: USB-A, RS232
  • Bluetooth Option
  • Transfer Weight Function For Easy Data Transfer
  • EasyDirect Balance Software

Sustainable Value

  • Metal Base, PBT Top Housing
  • Overload Protection
  • Easy-To-Clean QuickLock Draft Shield