Metrology Goes Far Beyond the Weight Calibration Lab

Where science is involved, any given field of study can become intricate and involved. After all, examining the finest details and components of a topic is sure to reveal amazing information and complexities.

Calibration weight metrology lab

As a weight calibration company, it goes without saying that Atlantic Scale is intimately acquainted with the finer aspects of metrology. Our state-of-the-art mass metrology lab allows us to hone in on the precision that’s needed for accurate measurement. You don’t need to be an expert or wear a lab coat to benefit from metrology, though!

The Magic of Measurement

Put simply, metrology is the science and study of measurement. Originating thousands of years ago, metrology began as a search for new ways to measure things accurately. Many early measurements were fairly arbitrary, such as cubits; this measurement was originally defined as the distance from the reigning pharaoh’s elbow to the tip of his fingers.

These days, organizations like the International Bureau of Weights and Measures work to ensure that we all use precise, defined measurements. While weight calibration like this is certainly crucial for fostering reliable, repeatable results in the lab for the biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries, it also pops up in your daily life almost every day!

Metrology in everyday life

When you step on the bathroom scale in the morning, you rely on an existing measurement for context. Sure, your week-to-week reading can be compared to notice a pattern, but you’d be unable to compare to statistical averages or set goals without a clear definition for weight; it’s much more helpful if your doctor suggests losing 10 lbs, as opposed to saying you should, “drop some weight,” without any figure.

While you probably don’t measure the milk you pour onto your cereal, you almost certainly measure the ingredients when baking a cake. Watching Grandma make her famous chocolate cake, it’s easy to get a grasp for what she means when she says, “a bit of baking powder,” or, “just a little splash of vanilla,” but you’d be hard pressed to explain it when you email the recipe to Cousin Earl across the country. Using tablespoons and cups, though, it’s easy for Earl to replicate the famous cake for the family reunion!

The measuring spoons in your kitchen and the scale in your bathroom may be good to go, but the measurement equipment in your lab needs to be calibrated regularly to stay accurate! To learn more about keeping your equipment precise, or to schedule a consultation, don’t hesitate to contact Atlantic Scale Company online or to call our experts at (973) 661-7090 today.

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