Floor Scales

2888 Deckmate


Portable Scale That Handles Any Environment

The 2888 DECKMATE floor scale is a portable scale with an extremely low profile for easy loading. This feature makes it ideal for weighing drums, totes, small mixing vats, and reactors. The scale can be used in harsh or sanitary environments,such as chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and food processing operations.


The DECKMATE floor scale can be used as a static scale or equipped for maximum portability. The portable version has large caster
wheels. Setup is quick and easy. Simply move the scale where you want it, lower the ramps, and start weighing. The 30×30-inch size fits
easily through standard 36-inch doorways. For maximum portability, use the scale with a batteryoperated terminal—no electrical
outlet is needed.

Hazardous Areas

Our load cells are approved for use in hazardous areas in most markets. DECKMATE load cells carry Factory Mutual, European Ex, and
Canadian CSA Ex approvals when used with a METTLER TOLEDO intrinsically safe terminal.


The DECKMATE design eliminates hard-to-reach corners, gaps, and other areas where contaminants collect. Our glass-bead surface
preparation provides a finish that resists scratching and chemical staining. It is also one of the easiest surfaces to clean. That is why
most major pharmaceutical and food companies have adopted this scale as a standard.


Our standard tread-plate surface offers safe footing for workers. The scale’s low profile means that less effort is required to manually place a load on the scale.